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Gold Chains

Solid Gold Chains - Made to any length to create the perfect gold necklace, gold anklet or gold bracelet down to the very last detail.

Chains of all sizes are available in a range of exquisite designs, widths and precious metals.

Choose from quality, Australian made solid yellow, rose or white gold.

Silver and Gold Charms

Over 4600 silver charms and gold charms of all shapes and sizes, these make a lovely addition to your charm bracelet, anklet or necklace.

You're bound to find the right one for any occasion.

These precious metal charms are high quality and Australian made.

Solid Silver Chains

Sterling Silver Chains - Made to any length so you can customise the perfect necklace, anklet or bracelet down to the very last detail.

Chains of all sizes are available in a range of exquisite designs, widths and lengths.

These chains are solid 925 sterling silver and are made right here in Australia.

Chains for Charm Bracelets

We recommend these bracelet styles for charm bracelets as they have wide open links so you can easily attach your charms.

These include belcher and figaro styles in solid gold or solid 925 sterling silver.


Beautiful rings in a variety of styles for both men and women, they come in 9ct yellow, white and rose gold and 925 sterling silver.

You may choose from plain designs or select from a range of stunning gem encrusted rings. 

We offer an assortment of stones including diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst and garnet.


Over 350 individual earring styles to choose from including drop, sleeper, stud and gem set.

We offer these in rose, white and yellow gold and also in 925 sterling silver.

A lovely addition to add to any necklace, a locket is a beautiful gesture to give to your loved one.

Keep a photo inside and wear it with pride upon your favourite chain.

Available in both solid 9ct gold and 925 sterling silver.
Silver and Gold Pendants

A stunning addition to jazz up any necklace, we offer a large range of beautiful pendants in 925 silver, two tone and classic 9ct and white gold.

We have over 300 styles of both plain and gem-set styles to choose from.

Gold and Silver Bangles

Choose from solid 9ct gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver bangles in a variety of sizes and widths.

Our closed bangles come in round, half round, twisted and patterned.

We also offer open bangles and they are a “one size fits all” style.

Zodiac Jewellery

Here you’ll find zodiac themed pendants and charms in stunning 9ct gold and 925 sterling silver.

We have a variety of western and Chinese style zodiac themed pieces.

Neoprene Necklets
A twist of the style of the 90’s, we offer neoprene necklets with both 925 sterling silver and 9ct gold parrot clasps.

These are available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm widths and are perfect worn with charms, pendants or alone.
Nose Studs
A range of solid 9ct gold and 925 silver nose studs.
These are available as plan studs or embellished with a cubic zirconia.
7 Lucky Rings
7 Lucky rings represent love, luck, happiness and a long life.

Makes a great gift for the one you love when combined with a fine silver or gold matching necklace.
Gift Boxes and Cleaning
Polishing cloths designed specifically to clean and restore your gold and silver jewellery back to their original pristine shine.

We also offer high quality gift boxes to showcase beautiful gold and silver gifts for your loved ones.

We also have a selection of padlocks available to replace lost or broken padlocks.

Chain Extenders
Finding your chains need a little extra length?

We have a range of chain extenders in both 9ct gold and 925 sterling silver in classic styles such as curb and belcher to add 5cm to your favourite necklace.
Dress up your necklace with a solid gold or sterling silver T-Bar on a drop chain.
Christmas Bling
Get into the Christmas spirit with these bright and cheerful charms, pendants and earrings.

Just the thing to bring some joy to the festive season.
Looking for a bargain?

Here you’ll find a variety of sale stock in both silver and gold, all available for immediate delivery.

You never know what you might find here!