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Chinese Junk Charm - chr-0566
1 of 6

Size: ~ 19 x 18mm

Price: $27.86
Donald Duck Charm - chr-0977
1 of 2

Size: ~ 17 x 7mm

Price: $12.93
Leo Charm - chr-1196
1 of 2


Price: $18.90
Rose Charm - chr-1523
1 of 4

Size: ~ 13 x 11mm

Price: $9.95
Treble Clef Charm - chr-2264
1 of 3

Size: ~ 17 x 6mm

Price: $9.95
Pagoda Charm - chr-2273
1 of 3

Size: ~ 17 x 7mm

Price: $17.91
Crocodile Charm - chr-2712
1 of 2

Size: ~ 22 x 14mm

Price: $25.87
number 30 in Circle Charm - chr-2900
1 of 4

Size: ~ 15 x 12mm

Price: $9.95
Donald Duck Face Charm - cha-0228
1 of 2

Size: ~ 16 x 10mm

Price: $13.93
Lucky Elephant Charm - cha-2119
1 of 2

Size: ~ 15 x 12mm

Price: $23.88
Paint Palette Charm - cha-2770
1 of 3

Size: ~ 19 x 15mm

Price: $21.89
Percussion Pistol Charm - chr-0075
1 of 2

Size: ~ 25 x 10mm

Price: $22.88
Love Birds on a Heart Charm - chr-1694
1 of 2

Size: ~ 11 x 8mm

Price: $9.95
Birdcage - movable Charm - chr-1935
1 of 2

Size: ~ 22 x 14mm

Price: $42.79
4 Aces Charm - cha-0007
1 of 2

Size: ~ 8 x 15mm

Price: $9.95
Safety Pin Charm - cha-0008
1 of 2

Size: ~ 4 x 16mm

Price: $9.95
Moon and Star Charm - cha-0063
1 of 2

Size: ~ 16 x 12mm

Price: $9.95
Dolphin Jumping Charm - cha-0168
1 of 2

Size: ~ 8 x 15mm

Price: $9.95
Star Charm - cha-1662
1 of 2

Size: ~ 10 x 6mm

Price: $9.95
Swan Charm - cha-2049
1 of 2

Size: ~ 15 x 14mm

Price: $9.95
Pram Charm - moveable - cha-2066
1 of 3

Size: ~ 13 x 10mm

Price: $16.92
Shell Charm - cha-2778
1 of 2

Size: ~ 5 x 15mm

Price: $9.95
Bee Hive - movable Charm - chr-1498
1 of 2

Size: ~ 17 x 14mm

Price: $41.79
Teddy Bear - movable Charm - chr-1608
1 of 3

Size: ~ 10 x 20mm

Price: $23.88
Bagpipes Charm - chr-1772
1 of 3

Size: ~ 18 x 15mm

Price: $17.91
Crash Helmet - movable Charm - chr-2021
1 of 2

Size: ~ 15 x 8mm

Price: $18.91
Spinning Wheel - movable Charm - chr-2142
1 of 2

Size: ~ 20 x 20mm

Price: $31.84
Suit Case - movable Charm - chr-2774
1 of 3

Size: ~ 10 x 14mm

Price: $26.87
Hand Cuffs Charm - cha-0051
1 of 2

Size: ~ 12 x 15mm

Price: $15.92
Lovers Bench Charm - cha-2804
1 of 3

Size: ~ 12 x 10mm

Price: $11.94
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Charm FAQ's:   

The Charm Shop for Silver Charms & Gold Charms

- 100% Australian Made

- 100% solid 9ct gold or solid 925 sterling silver

- 4600+ designs in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold

- NO gold filled, NO gold plated

- 100% Nickel Free

- Choose your own fitting (jump ring, parrot clasp, earring hook etc.)

- All charms can be fitted to Pandora Style bracelets with one of our sliders

- Can also be ordered in 18ct gold (contact us for current pricing)

- Create a finished Charm Bracelet - order a bracelet and charms together
- (choose closed jump rings for a finished charm bracelet)

Full Details

Shopping for silver charms and gold charms couldn't be easier when you have the choice of so many charm styles in the precious metal of your choice, with the fitting that suits you.

The complete range of our precious metal traditional charms on sale in our jewellery store are made to order in Australia. Our gold charms and silver charms are also suitable for using as a pendant on your necklace, just order them with a closed jump ring.

With a range of over 4600, each available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver we can't hold one of each in stock so they are hand cast to order in Australia from locally mined and recycled gold and silver.

When you buy charms online from Fraser Ross you can rest assured they are great quality and guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. You also have the choice of the finding (fitting) to be supplied to suit existing on new charm bracelets, or you can even wear them as earrings by selecting a shepherd's hook instead of a jump ring, link-lock or parrot clasp.

Why buy a charm bracelet?

A charm bracelet isn't just a beautiful piece of jewellery. The real joy in wearing a charm bracelet is always having with you, a small diary of all the major events and achievements you have experienced so far in your life.

Like a paper diary, you keep adding pages filled with the memories you hold most dear. It's a time capsule unburied, an open diary and a stunning statement of what you love and do.

So many choices

Our full range of Australian made sterling silver charms and solid gold charms for charm bracelets are available in a range of fittings. You may choose open or closed jump rings, a parrot clasp or link locks. All of our traditional charms are available in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Choose either large or small hooks and turn any of our charms into earrings (order 2 for a pair)

When you buy charms online here, you can also choose a gold bracelet chain with your charms, and we can create a finished charm bracelet to your design.

Buying gold charms for a bracelet

Where is the best place to buy gold charms online for women and girls? Here at Fraser Ross of course.

Aside from gold charms, we also stock a great range of sterling silver charms, bracelet chains and matching findings. We have a great range of around 4600 different styles of charms - the largest selection of traditional sterling silver charms, yellow gold charms, rose gold charms and white gold charms in Australia.

We specialise in bespoke charm jewellery and charm bracelets, like no other store. Rather than selling cheap gold charms or cheap silver charms, we sell great quality jewellery at great prices.

Cheap and inexpensive are two very different things, the first implies a lack of quality consummate with the price, and the second, good value for money on a great product.

We have broken down our range into categories such as babies, Australiana, sport etc. Not all of our charms are found in these sections as we haven't updated their photos yet. Wedding charms can be found in the 'love' category.

Tarnish Resistant Charms

In February 2015 we added another 900 anti-tarnish charms (codes chtr-xxxx) to our range bringing the total number of designs to more than 4600.

These are made from a new alloy of sterling silver, where a small amount of copper is replaced with germanium. There are several brand names of similar tarnish resistant alloys, Argentium being the most widely known and promoted.

Argentium charms are highly resistant to tarnishing and are much less susceptible to firescale during manufacture. Visually, they look identical to a charm made from 'standard' sterling silver. Read more about tarnish resistant sterling silver.

These charms have a product code similar to (chtr-xxxxxx) and are available in 9ct yellow/rose/white gold as well as tarnish resistant sterling silver. By request we can also supply these charms in 14ct/18ct yellow/rose/white gold and 22ct yellow gold.

Handmade Charms

Each and every charm we sell in our online store is handmade. Charms are produced using the lost wax method of casting; this means we can create any charm in silver or gold.

Nearly every charm is hallmarked 9ct gold or 925 sterling silver. A few charms use the same mould for both silver and gold castings or may be too small to stamp, so they may not have a hallmark. In spite of this, they are absolutely guaranteed to be genuine, and perfect for matching with silver or gold charm bracelets of the same quality.

We are in the (long, slow) process of taking new photos of our HR charm range. Save 40% on charms for sale with photos we haven't updated yet.

Charm Fittings (findings)

How do I choose which fitting to use? An often asked question. (detailed info here) The price is updated automatically when you select the desired finding.

Open jump rings are used when you already have silver or gold charm bracelets and you want to add some more charms. A jeweller should solder them closed for you.

Closed jump rings allow you to wear our charms as a small pendant on your necklace. You should also choose this option if we are creating a charm bracelet for you (our jeweller charges us to fit each charm).

Parrot clasps allow you to clip your charms on and off. You can move them around on a bracelet or move them to another.

Link Locks are used to permanently connect your charms to an existing bracelet without visiting a jeweller. These are great if you are buying only a couple of charms. (it may be cheaper to pay a jeweller if you are having several new charms fitted).

Pandora® charm bracelets are a 4.5mm diameter snake chain and have been designed for bead style Pandora® charms. To fit any of our traditional charms to these snake bracelets, you can choose a slider as the fitting.

Charm Bracelets

Many of our customers have bought a bracelet chain and a selection of charms to create their own unique charm bracelet.

We will arrange the charms in the order you specify if you leave a detailed note in the checkout or send us an email expressing your wishes.

If you choose to leave it to us, we will arrange your charms evenly around the chain, as our jeweller decides would look best.

Heart padlocks make a great replacement for a parrot clasp. Bracelets for children are discussed here. (You wouldn't want them to outgrow a beautiful piece of jewellery.)

Baby charm bracelets are becoming very popular and again the same rules apply here as they do for older children.

Gift Boxes

If you are shopping for a present then one of our gift boxes makes a great finishing touch. The premium gift boxes are soft padded leatherette with padded inserts. They also have fixtures for beautifully displaying your purchase when the box is opened. A nice touch for someone you love.

Why buy charms online?

Our traditional charms are all custom made, so you will always get the charms or charm bracelet of your dreams at a great price that the retail stores can't compete with, even during their sales. You will however need to be patient as each of our bracelets and charms for sale is made to order and will take between 14 and 21 days to arrive at your door.

No matter where you live in Australia, you can buy charms online from your home, your computer, your tablet and your mobile phone, 24 hours a day. So if you are shopping for Australian made silver or gold charms or charm bracelets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth or Darwin or any regional city, town or outback property, we'll be there for you 24/7.