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Mortar Board Charm - chr-2567
1 of 2

Size: ~ 13 x 14mm

Price: $21.89
Globe of the World - movable Charm - chr-0653
1 of 4

Size: ~ 15 x 9mm

Price: $32.84
Blackboard Charm - chr-3008
1 of 4
Size: ~ 18 x 11mm
Price: $16.92
Old Typewriter Charm - chtr-cgchs319
1 of 2
Size: ~ 12 x 12mm
Price: $14.93
Computer Charm - chr-2173
1 of 4
Size: ~ 12 x 7mm
Price: $10.94
Bookworm - movable Charm - chr-0984
1 of 8
Size: ~ 14 x 12mm
Price: $21.89
Diploma Charm - chr-1435
1 of 2
Size: ~ 23 x 7mm
Price: $29.85
Mortar Board Charm - chr-1723
1 of 4
Size: ~ 8 x 10mm
Price: $13.93
Smart Worm Charm - chr-1960
1 of 2
Size: ~ 15 x 8mm
Price: $18.91
Book - opens Charm - chr-3021
1 of 7
Size: ~ 14 x 12mm
Price: $19.90
Mortar Board Charm - chr-1455
1 of 6
Size: ~ 9 x 8mm
Price: $9.95
Bookworm Charm - chr-3033
1 of 2
Size: ~ 14 x 10mm
Price: $20.90
Book Worm Charm - moveable - cha-2065
1 of 8
Size: ~ 12 x 11mm
Price: $16.92
Diploma Charm - cha-2043
1 of 2
Size: ~ 22 x 5mm
Price: $25.87
Graduation Cap Charm - chtr-cgc1612b
1 of 2
Price: $12.93

Celebrate life's greatest achievement in glistening gold or silver with our education charms.

Higher education is the crowning achievement of a person's life, and many a proud parent has watched their son or daughter walk to the stage to claim their diploma.

With tears in their eyes, they see the pride and accomplishment in their child's eyes. You remember college and high school. You faithfully got up all of those early mornings for classes, finals and pointless lectures.

Coffee was your best study pal, and you budgeted your grocery list like a pro. Working that hard to get a better education should be rewarded, whether it's a gift for yourself or a present to a loved one finishing up their schooling.

Our education charms are the perfect solution, one that the recipient will treasure for their entire life. Commemorate your time in the study lab with a gold or silver computer charm.

Quite frankly, you've lost track of how many papers you had to write. As you typed away, trying your hardest to dig deep and finish the last page of your essay, you knew that one day it would pay off. This education charm will be a firm reminder of how hard you had to work to get to where you are today and the many hours you put into each piece.

Cozying up with a good book happens to be one of your favorite hobbies, but you went through quite a few bland study books as well. You were the class bookworm; working through a 500-page text in a week was next to nothing.

Well, we've got the perfect education charm for you – the friendly bookworm! This little guy takes devouring books quite seriously, and he's chewed a hole right through the front of this gold or silver charm.

Delight your friends and family with this adorable pal and show off you appreciation for the classics. Graduation day finally arrived. With wide-eyed wonder, you heard your name being called and stepped up to claim what was rightfully yours. As you held the diploma in your hand, you knew you'd made it. Relive this moment along with many others with a beautiful education charm in the form of a diploma.

Buy one for another graduate in your life – your son, daughter, nephew or niece – and watch the beaming smile appear.