New Charm Photos

40% off Solid Gold and Sterling Silver Australian made Charms

All the gold and silver charms in our HR range (chr-xxxx) with low quality black and white photos (like the ‘before’ diploma charm  below) have been reduced by 40% so we can take new photos.



old diploma charm photo

new diploma charm photo


Our manufacturer has been in business for nearly 50 years and sells mostly to retail jewellery stores who buy from the catalogue I use.Their clients of course only see the jewellery, not the black and white pictures. Reshooting the complete catalogue would cost in the ten’s of thousands of dollars and they won’t do it just for us!
So we are doing it bit by bit ourselves.You get to buy at prices we can never repeat, and we get our photos, so we both win.

The price will go back to normal after each charm has been sold and photographed, so only the first to buy each charm will get the bargain.

To help with the sizes a 5piece is shown in the bottom right corner. It is about 19mm across.

The price shown on each charm in the store is the discounted price.

The 7 day and 5 year warranties apply as they do to all our products.

In September 2014, we started reshooting larger images of our charms (as they are bought), similar to these:

diploma charm


diploma charm

These photos were done earlier, before we had our new photo setup.