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Selected charms at 40% off so we can take new photos. Grab a never to be repeated bargain.

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We reward customers who return to our store for repeat purchases.

Why buy from Fraser Ross?
9 great reasons to choose to shop with our business.

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Some of the many emails we have received from our customers.

About Us
A brief history of Fraser Ross from 2010 to today.

A small article on this semi-precious purple gemstone.

Australian Made
The implications of buying (or not) from Australian businesses.

Birth Stones
Each month has it’s own birthstone and meaning.

Buying Guide & Sizes
Choosing the right length for a necklace or bracelet. Children’s sizes they won’t outgrow. Weight guide using Australian coins.

Chlorine Stress Fractures
How this common chemical can destroy your precious metal jewellery.

Christmas Orders
Our manufacturers close at various times around Christmas, delays may occur in filling your orders.

Cleaning Jewellery
Tips for keeping your jewellery shiny and sparkly.

Cleaning Machines
Ionic, Ultrasonic or Tumbler? Which is best?

Colours of Gold
Why all 9ct gold is not the same colour yellow.

Cubic Zirconia
Diamond look alikes, but what are they?

Custom Sizes
All of our jewellery is made to order. See the choices available for necklaces, bracelets and charms.

The hardest natural substance in the world, and they look pretty too!

The process used to transfer a very thin layer of one metal onto another.

Learn more about these precious green gemstones.

Answers to our most often asked questions.

Fittings for charms, open and closed jump rings, link locks and parrot clasps.

Giving Jewellery as a Gift
Finding out what you need to know without getting caught!

Glossary of Jewellery Terms
Some of the many terms used in this industry and their meanings.

Gold and Silver Testing
What is really in that gold ring?

Gold & Silver Trivia
Some interesting facts about these precious metals.

Gold Filled & Gold Plated
These terms explained and why these products are very inferior.

Hallmarks (Real and Fake)
What the numbers mean and how China leads the way in faking them.

Handmade Chains
Design your own unique chain by selecting the colour and pattern combinations.

Jewellery Valuations
What is a jewellery valuation and is it worth the paper it’s written on?

Links to other sites
Contact details for Australian Jewellery Associations and Suppliers

Lost Wax Casting
The process to create many copies from an original piece of jewellery.

Nickel Allergies
Jewellery containing nickel can cause irritation, but what about surgical stainless steel? You may be surprised.

Is it ok to get them wet?

Overseas Customers
Purchasing information for non-Australian buyers.

Payments and Shipping
Website security, payment options, postage and insurance.

What are the differences between natural and cultured pearls?

We are constantly working on replacing our photographs with higher quality images.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC)
What is precious metal clay and how is it used?

Privacy and Cookies
How we safeguard your information, and why we use cookies.

Refining Gold and Silver
The process involved to create bullion from mined gold and silver.

Ring Size Checker
Work out the size of your ring online. Convert between US AUS and MM.

Learn more about these precious red gemstones.

Beautiful blue gemstones, a brief discussion.

Shape v’s Cut
The difference between the shape and the cut of a gemstone.

Silver Tarnish
What causes silver to tarnish? Could your diet be responsible?

Soldering Precious Metals
Laser welding v’s Soldering, which is better?

Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver
Alloys containing germanium that greatly reduce the speed and depth of tarnishing.

Terms and Conditions
Pricing, delivery, returns and exchanges.

A blue semi-precious gemstone.

Variations & Accuracy
How the composition of gold alloys and other factors affect the weight of our jewellery.

A few videos explaining some jewellery techniques and tools.

7 Day no questions asked and 5/10 year product warranties.

Weight Guide
Explains the how the weight shown on each product is derived.

Who owns the Jewellery Stores?
Most of Australia’s biggest jewellery retailers are owned by foreign businesses.

Working with Silver – Annealing & Tempering
How the hardness of silver can be changed using these two techniques.

Zodiac Dates (Western & Chinese)
Is she a Gemini or a Pisces? A rat, a tiger or an ox? We have it covered.