Giving Jewellery as a Gift

giving jewellery as a gift

This guide is written with a female in mind as the recipient of the gift, but the same equally applies for a man or a child.

You may wish to read our buying guide and custom sizes pages as well.

And don’t forget, if after reading everything below, she doesn’t fall in love with your present, you can return it to us in line with our  7 day guarantee.

Choosing a suitable style

Knowing a ladies taste in jewellery will go a long way in finding a present they will just fall in love with.

Usually you can make a judgment call based on what she likes to wear currently. Often her favorite styles will be what she wears the most often.

Consider however, whether they favour a piece of jewellery because of it’s design, or if it is special to them because of how they came to own it. A ring from her mother or grandmother for example may  not be exactly to her taste, but the emotional connection may see her wearing it every day.

Most people prefer to wear either ‘gold’ or ‘silver’, but some will wear either depending on their mood. Some skin tones work better with one shade than the other and this is frequently the reason for their choice. For a lover of silver, white gold can be substituted for special gifts, budget allowing.

It is common that one woman will have much of her jewellery in either simple elegant designs with few precious stones, or bright loud styles bursting with colour. The occasion and the outfit will often  decide her choice, but this may not be what is typical.

Look for the style of jewellery she wear most or all days. This is a good guide to helping you select her next special piece.

Ask them what they like!

This may seem simple, but if the gift doesn’t need to be a secret, ask them what they like.

Visit a jewellery store when you are shopping, or browse an online store together over a glass of wine. You may find the perfect gift together, or have a few options to choose from. What’s to say she  can’t have the necklace and the earrings?

Many of our products are available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or silver. We can also create two and tri-tone gold chains for necklaces and bracelets. We are happy to discuss ways we can customise products in our range for that perfect gift.

When it’s a surprise

And you don’t know what to buy

It’s not that hard to be sneaky to find out what jewellery she would just love to own. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just follow the steps below and she’ll never be the wiser!

If you are shopping together take your partner into a jewellery store ‘to pick out something’ for your mutual friend’s wife. Her husband isn’t sure what to buy and he asked if your partner could suggest  something. She will tell you what your friend’s partner would like, but she will also tell you what she likes. Wasn’t that easy?

Tell one of her friends you wish to buy her some jewellery and they can go window or online shopping together. Her friend can then show you the pieces your partner really liked.

And you do know what to buy

Once you know what you want to give your partner, it’s just a matter of picking the right size.

For necklaces and bracelets, an easy trick is to tell them you are having some special clothing tailor made by a dress maker. You will need to measure their neck, bust, stomach, wrist and arm length. If  you only measured their wrist, they would know it was for a bracelet!

Choosing a ring size can be a little more difficult. If she has a ring that she wears on the finger you are shopping for, you will need to find a reason for her to take it off. Whether it’s gardening, washing
dishes or helping change the oil in the car, be ready with a piece of paper, a sharp pencil and a tissue. Draw around the inside of the ring onto the paper for it’s size. Wipe the inside of the ring with the
tissue so there’s no tell-tale graphite to get on her hands. You can also use this technique for bangles.

If she doesn’t wear a ring on that finger you will need her friends to help. Get them to ask her to try one of their rings on that looks about the right size. They may know their own size or use the pencil trick when she’s not around.

The Handover

To make sure your gift is really special, make an effort to present it somewhere out of the ordinary. Sitting at one of our beautiful beaches looking out to sea, having dinner at a great restaurant, or  cuddling up around a camp fire are intimate times where you are not distracted by the hum drum of daily life.

A special occasion and setting will make your gift all the more memorable.

Dropping hints for yourself!

When you find the perfect piece of jewellery online – like it on Facebook! Share buttons make it easy to let the world (and your partner) know your desires.

Don’t forget to put in enough detail to make it foolproof. (you wouldn’t want the wrong colour or size)

Try adding comments like:
“I love that rose gold bracelet!”
“I’ve got a small wrist so I’d probably need the 18cm chain” or
“That yellow gold eternity ring would look great next to my wedding ring, I think I’m size ‘P’ ”