Buying Australian Made

Fraser Ross sells Australian Made jewellery.

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australian made Buying Australian Made has one massive benefit,
it creates employment, here, in Australia,
for you, your family and your friends.
australian made


The effects on our economy of buying a product made in Australia v’s a product made overseas are phenomenally important.

When you spend $100 at a store overseas, $100 leaves the country. Full stop. Gone.

When you spend $100 at an Australian store (online or retail) that money (or a good part of it) stays in Australia, depending on many other factors including where the goods are produced and where the manufacturers source their materials.

When you spend $100 at an Australian owned store, selling Australian made products, nearly, if not all of that money stays here in Australia.

Direct Effects of Buying Australian Made

Our precious metals are mined and refined in Australia, directly supporting thousands of workers in mines and refining plants.

Our silver and gold chain and charm jewellery is made in Australia (as are many of the other products we sell), directly supporting hundreds of workers across a number of manufacturers.

Our jewellery is shipped only within Australia, directly supporting thousands of workers in cargo and postal services.

Indirect Effects of Buying
Australian Made

The businesses that mine, refine, manufacture and transport the gold chain or silver charm you just bought, are dependent on many other businesses here in Australia to provide them with goods and services. These other businesses are dependent on yet more local businesses to support them. This interdependence spreads out in a large web connecting many thousands of businesses employing  Australian workers.

The Money Go-Round

Buying overseas or buying goods manufactured off-shore has a ripple effect, reducing the need for businesses to employ workers here in Australia.

Less workers, means less money to make purchases. This leads to less people being required to work in a company (because they are selling less) and so then there is yet less money to go around. This is a vicious cycle. (The media, when talking down our economy, helps to create this cycle by creating a fear of spending. Thanks Mr Packer & Mr Murdoch)

It is these Australian workers who may well buy from the businesses you work for and keep your employer in business.

If they stop buying Australian Made, will you be required to go in next Monday?