I’m Ross, the owner of Fraser Ross (previously trading as Chain Me Up®) and Do IT Right.

On behalf of my staff and myself I wish to thank you for choosing to shop with Fraser Ross where we have worked very hard to bring you excellent quality Australian made jewellery at exceptional prices.

The concept for Chain Me Up® began with my involvement as the computer technician for the manufacturer of our first range of solid gold and silver chains. Many friends over the past more than 15 years have bought chain jewellery through myself because I was able to purchase directly from the manufacturer at great prices.

After 23 years as a computer technician I was looking for an alternative career. The access to the manufacturer and the skills to create a great looking website gelled into the creation of this online store.

We opened our doors, so to speak, in July 2010 with only a small selection of solid gold and silver chains. This rapidly expanded to include a range of around 500 charms and more recently, pendants, earrings and bangles.

In April 2012 we added a further 3200 charms to our store, all available in both gold (yellow, rose & white) and sterling silver. January 2014 saw the addition of around 1000 new products including rings, which we had not previously stocked.

In September 2014 we added around 200 earrings and 100 new pendants to our store, and we continue to broaden our range of quality jewellery.

We are always seeking new Australian suppliers to further extend our range to include hand made items from Australian boutique jewellers.

Fraser Ross has secured the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the dirtgirlworld® range of pendants and charms.

Fraser Ross is a GST registered Australian Business (ABN 69 082 948 822)

Chain Me Up® is a registered trademark. (Trade mark number 1786844)

In brief, this is how we manage to keep our prices so low:
We buy direct from the Australian manufacturers that supply many of our competitors.

Our web-site was developed in house.

All the graphics and photographs on this site have been produced in house. (The quality of the photos is improving as we update them.)

We have spent hundreds of hours performing major recoding and redesign of our website and cart software, saving thousands of dollars, and we will continue to update and improve our site.

We don’t have the huge overheads associated with running a retail store.

Most importantly, we don’t mark up prices by 400% (or more) as many of the retail stores do.

We all know that stores need to make a profit to remain in business. A business can choose to sell a few items at a large profit margin or many items at a low profit margin to achieve the same gross profit.

Our philosophy is the latter. A higher number of sales at a lower margin creates a lot of happy customers and they are our most important asset.

Happy customers, tell their friends and ‘word of mouth’ is the best advertising money can buy.

I work hard for my money, as I’m sure you do. Getting value for money is something we all deserve and Fraser Ross strives hard to give you great value by keeping our prices well below our competitors.

Thank you again.

Ross Fraser