Tips for buying Gold Jewellery

Tips for Buying the Best Gold Jewelry

Before investing in gold jewelry, it is important to have a clear understanding of the purity of gold, which has an impact on the value of a gold piece and ultimately on the price you need to pay for the jewelry.

There are different types of gold karats, from pure gold to 9k gold that is combined with other non-precious metals. The karat referred to here is the unit used to measure gold purity. To give you a general idea, higher karat gold is purer compared with low karat gold jewelry. But there is more to it than that. Here, we go into detail on how you can determine the purity of a piece of gold by considering the number of karats, and how you can find the best piece of gold jewelry for your unique needs:

24K Gold
This is also called pure gold because it has 99.9 percent purity without traces of non-precious metals. 24K gold has a distinct yellow color that gives it an unmistakable charm and beauty. Because 24k is the purest form of gold you can buy, it is more expensive than 18k gold and other lower karat gold jewelries. It is also soft, pliable, and tends to bend easily, making it unsuitable for regular wear. Because such malleable gold is not able to withstand much physical pressure, it will soon lose its original shape. As such, this form of gold is mostly used in medical devices and electronics rather than in jewelries.

22K Gold
22K gold consists of 91.67% of pure gold, and 8.33% other metals like Nickel, Zinc and other alloys that are added to make the gold more durable. But even when it is alloyed with other metals, 22k gold is still not hard enough to hold gemstones and diamonds. It can however be used to create plain jewelries that are not heavily studded.

18K gold
18k gold has less gold content but is commonly used to manufacture jewelries because of the durability it offers. It fetches a higher price than 14k gold, and has a deeper yellow color compared with lower karat gold, which has a more distinctive white color. 18k gold is preferable for making studded jewelry and other diamond jewelry, as it comprises 25% of other metals that make it harder and more advisable for everyday wear.

Recognizing 18k gold jewelry is quite easy – just inspect the gold for 18K, 18Kt, 750, or 18k markings. These numbers and letters signify the purity of the gold piece.

9k Gold
9K gold consists of 37.5% of pure gold that is blended with durable metals including copper, zinc, and nickel that strengthen the mixture. It is an excellent choice for fine jewelry such as earrings, eternity bands, and engagement rings. As an exquisite and sturdy metal, 9k gold is more resistant to wear and tear, making it a great choice for people looking for a piece that will last for years. 9k gold jewelries have less actual gold content, which is why they are priced lower than 22k, and 18k gold. They are also recommended for people who constantly engage in manual labor and other rigorous tasks or those who lead an active lifestyle, as 9k gold holds up better in sports and daily activities.

Buying the Right Gold Jewelry Size

Now that you know the different gold karat types, and the pros and cons of each one of them, the next step is to select a jewelry piece that will fit you perfectly:


If you are buying a gold necklace, you will find some beautiful pieces that wrap nicely around the neck or hangs below the bust. Women’s necklaces are typically manufactured in even-inch lengths and can range from 10 to 48 inches. If you prefer a piece that will wrap loosely around your neck, then a 16-inch necklace is the perfect length to get. There are also gold necklaces that measure 24 inches, and lays at the center of the bust.

Men’s necklaces are also sold in even-inch lengths. Here is a simple guide to the common necklace lengths for men:

18 inches (45cm) – Sits at the base of the neck

20 inches (50cm) – A popular necklace length that sits at the collarbone

22 inches (55cm) – This length is deal for accessorizing a simple shirt. It falls just a few inches below the collarbone, and makes pendants visible when worn with a low v-neck shirt.

24 inches (60cm) – Falls closer to the heart and is typically used to hide pendants under the shirt.

Purchasing gold jewelry with confidence means being armed with the right information, and making a decision based on your wardrobe, as well as your lifestyle. At Fraser Ross, we want you to make the right choice so you can find the perfect piece that will bring years of delight. As such, we take time to guide you throughout the process of buying a gold jewelry. From understanding purity standards, to choosing a length that will sit beautifully on your neck, our team is always ready to give the best advice. So if you have any questions about our wide range of custom made jewelries, simply give us a call, and we will gladly provide you with the information you need.

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