Sterling Silver Jewellery

Why Invest in Sterling Silver Pieces

With its high luster and unmistakable elegance, it is not hard to see why sterling silver is an all-time favorite of many jewelry-wearers looking for timeless pieces to add to their collection. It also does not hurt that sterling silver jewelry can be bought for a fraction of the price of gold pieces. Because of this, you can enjoy the fact that you are getting a brilliant metal for a very good price. There is also an abundance of choices when you are shopping for sterling silver – from silver necklaces that feature classic designs to earrings that boast a stylish sheen, you are sure to find a piece that will fit your liking.

Here, we will go over the benefits of investing in sterling silver jewelry, and why any piece can last you a lifetime:

It is very durable
One of the many things we love about sterling silver is its lifetime of durability. Unlike pure silver that is easily dented, sterling silver contains 7.5% of other alloyed metal, which makes it durable and strong. Given its durability, sterling silver earrings and bracelets can become a family heirloom to be worn and enjoyed by generations to come.

Sterling silver care is convenient and simple too. You can keep your precious pieces looking their best by simply polishing them with a jewelry cloth or a microfiber cloth, or by simply wearing them more often to delay tarnishing.

Abundant Choices
Keeping up with the latest trends in jewelry can be dizzying. There are always new trending range of jewelry pieces from double sided earrings that come in a variety of styles and shades, to infinity necklaces that can be carved with letters or decorated with studs. Luckily, many new designs of jewelry include sterling silver, so you are not limited to the same styles year after year. Uncut minerals making the waves recently? You can easily find them set in sterling silver, and stay up to date with the trend.

Highly versatile
No matter your choice of clothing color, you can wear a sterling silver piece to go with it. The neutral color of silver, as well as its simplicity makes it easy to wear with almost any type of outfit. You can wear your sterling silver jewelry with an evening gown, or a casual shirt and jeans attire. Sterling silver pieces will also look amazing with gray, black, and white, as these shades contrast well with the lustrous silver color. When worn with a black dress, silver jewelry will add a bright accent to the darkness of the cloth. Statement pieces also wear beautifully with deep blue colors, and warm purple shades. You can even mix your silver pieces with white gold jewelry to make even your plain outfits stand strong.

Sterling silver is an affordable metal that boasts increased strength compared with pure silver, or pure gold. So if you want something precious for a relatively low price, sterling silver is your best option.

Unlike plated jewelries that are made of non-precious metals like brass or nickel that can cause irritation on the skin, sterling silver is made with 92.5% pure silver, and only 7.5% other metal. The metal added to the mix is usually copper, which is another non-allergic metal. Because nickel is not used as a base metal in sterling silver jewelries, it is much less likely to cause rashes, and you can wear your favorite pieces without worrying about the risk of contact dermatitis. This quality is especially crucial when wearing necklaces and earrings that are in direct contact with your skin.

Strong and lightweight
The added metals in sterling silver make it tough enough to resist scratches. Sterling silver pieces are also lightweight, making them ideal for daily wear. So if you want to build a jewelry collection that consists of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that will resist bending and scratches, sterling silver is your best bet.

If you are one of those jewelry wearers who are hesitant to buy sterling silver for fear that it will not look as lustrous as pure silver, here’s a good news for you: sterling silver retains its luminous appearance even when alloyed with a small percentage of other metal. The reason why jewelers typically add copper to the mix is to give maximum strength to the piece without affecting the original tone of the silver base metal.

Because sterling silver is a workable metal, it is easier for designers and jewelers to create a great amount of different designs. They can practice their artistic freedom and design jewelry styles that range from delicate pieces to grand statement pieces that will suit your style.

Sterling silver is a gorgeous metal that can last for years with proper care. At Fraser Ross, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece of sterling silver that will let you express your unique personality.