Selecting a gold chain

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gold Chain

Contrary to what many people think, a gold chain is not a one-choice item. They come in a variety of designs and lengths, and it pays to familiarize yourself with your options so you can pick the best piece. Depending on your intended usage of a gold chain, you may opt for one that is durable enough to withstand daily wear, or a delicate chain that will add a chic accent to your outfits. Here, we go into detail about the different types of gold chain, the materials that they are commonly made of, and the ways to evaluate the quality of a chain you are looking to purchase:

Types of Gold Chain

Different types of chain exist to serve unique purposes. One type may be better for hanging pendants, while another will be more suitable for regular wear, and so on.

Ball chain – this type of chain features round beads of metal that are identical in shape and size. The small metal balls are either linked together closely or spaced with some distance. Ball chains are a popular choice for men who wear them with dog tags.

Rope chains are a delicate piece of work that can be worn on their own, or with a pendant. They consist of links that are looped together in a pattern that looks like a real rope. There are simple designs and complex versions of rope chains that you can choose from.

Box chain – this is constructed with square links that are arranged in a way that creates a boxy appearance. This type of chain is sturdy and has a smooth finish, making it a great statement piece for both men and women. You can find thinner versions of box chains that are often paired with pendants, and thicker variants that are popular for men’s jewelry.

Curb chains feature identical links that are flattened and twisted to form a smooth chain. This type of chain is available in fine formations that are ideal for women, and chunkier versions with heavier links that are perfect for creating statement pieces for men and women.

Figaro chain has interlocking flattened links that vary in thickness and size. It usually has trios of shorter links that alternate with a longer link. It is a fancier version of curb chains that is worn by both men and women.

Cable chain – This is one of the most classic chain styles that is created from uniformly interlocked ovals. Smaller cable chains are popular with women, while the bigger ones are commonly worn by men.

Consider your main goal for buying the chain

Now that you are familiar with the common types of gold chain, the next thing to do is to ask yourself how often you intend to wear the chain. If you are buying a gold chain so you have an accessory to wear everyday, make sure to choose a chain type that is made of strong links. Figaro, cable, and anchor chains are just some examples of durable chain types that can withstand twisting, bending, and knotting.

Learn to identify the real deal from the imitation
A solid chain can be made of three different types of materials namely solid gold, gold plated, and gold filled. It is therefore important to understand how each material impacts the quality of the gold piece, so you can avoid paying more for a gold chain that is worth much less.

– Pure gold. A pure gold chain is made entirely of 100% pure gold. It fetches a high price for obvious reasons -it is the highest purity of gold you can buy. In karatage, this is what we call 24 karat gold. Since it is not “filled” with other non-precious metals, it does not tarnish even with repeated wear. However, solid gold is very malleable, making it less suitable for everyday use. Because of the physical properties of pure gold, it is much harder to work with compared to lower karat gold that is mixed with harder metals.

  • Solid Gold. Solid gold filled chains are also made with gold, but are alloyed with other metals to give the gold maximum durability. This type of jewelry is a great option if you want a piece that will last for years, but don’t want to spend as much as you would for a 24k gold chain. Because the gold is alloyed with silver and copper, solid gold chains are strong and will not tarnish easily.

– Gold plated is an inferior form of gold chain because there is only a very thin layer of gold applied on top of non-fine material like nickel or brass. The gold plating is nothing but an aesthetic attribute that can be rubbed off to reveal the brass metal underneath.

Knowing your options for chain types and material will help narrow down your options for gold chain. If you want to know more about picking the length of your chain and other considerations before buying a certain piece, we at Fraser Ross will be more than happy to assist you to pick the best gold chain for your specific needs.