Re-branding Complete!

Welcome to the brand new site for Fraser Ross!

In July 2010 we opened our doors (so to speak) when our first online store went live at with a limited range of silver and gold chains for sale.

Since that time, our business has expanded and our range of products has grown to more than 7000 designs. It was decided that we needed a more professional name under which to trade. The result was to register Fraser Ross as our business name and begin the move to a new online store.

We commenced re-branding Chain Me Up as Fraser Ross about 2 years ago, but because of our success with online searches, we were reluctant to change domains until we could develop a first class site. We have now reached that goal and as a result, we have moved to a new domain ( and have rebuilt the entire website from the ground up. Our blog has been included within our new site as opposed to being hosted on a different server.

Chain Me Up was the business name we originally registered in 2010 when our online store was launched. The name was later trademarked to combat a number of competitors who were trying to profit, by associating themselves with our brand.

In the early years, without being a ‘known’ brand and not having a track record we could leverage, it took some effort to build trust with our customers. This lead us to making one very important decision, we had to provide better service than anyone else in the jewellery industry, especially those who like us, trade exclusively online.

In the 8 years since we began trading, we have succeeded in treating all of our customers with respect and care, and delivered exceptional service along with excellent quality jewellery at very reasonable prices. In the vast majority of sales we have exceeded our customers expectations and built a loyal following who return again and again to shop with us. Many of our new customers come by recommendation of their friends and family. We do almost no paid advertising, usually only when we are running a sales promotion. The old adage of ‘word of mouth’ is the best advertising you can buy, is right on the mark. Nothing holds more importance than the recommendation of a trusted friend.

That’s not to say that every sale has been perfectly executed. There have been a very few instances where our manufacturers have been unable to supply us in a reasonable time frame, or there has been a mistake made during production. It’s in dealing with these problematic sales where we actually shine. We make it our priority to set things right with our customers, offer them the choice of a refund, an alternative product, or to wait a little longer for their original order.

In all cases, the customer has the choice of how we proceed, not us. How many other businesses can say the same?

Our offer of a 7 day ‘no questions asked’ refund policy, gives our customers time to examine our jewellery and make sure it meets their expectations. In the 8 years we have been trading we have had one item returned under this policy; a silver necklace, that our customer thought was ‘too shiny’. We have also had other chains returned, where the customer needed a change to the length and in all cases, we were more than happy to exchange their necklaces or bracelets for longer or shorter chains.

I believe that the success we have achieved since opening is due to two things. Firstly, the exceptional service we provide to our customers, and secondly, the fact that nearly all of our jewellery can be tailor made to suit our customers needs.

We aren’t limited, like a retail store, to only providing what we have on hand. Our range of 4600 plus charms is the largest in Australia. Every one can be made in sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. There are multiple findings available for all our charms; jump rings (open or closed), parrot clasps, sliders to fit Pandora style bracelets, link-locks and for those who wish to wear their charms as earrings – earring hooks.

Our gold and silver chains can be made to the exact length you require and fitted with a parrot clasp, or you can choose to replace the standard parrot clasp from a range of bolt ring clasps and padlocks. Our handmade chains can also be created in combinations of yellow, rose and white gold. This allows you to design a necklace or bracelet that can be unique and truly your own.

Fraser Ross will continue the policies and ethics that made Chain Me Up one of Australia’s favorite online jewellery stores.