Custom Made
Australian Jewellery

Any chain can be made to your length for a necklace, bracelet or anklet.
Create your own charm bracelet, simply choose your bracelet and charms.

Gold Chains

Solid Gold Chains

All of our gold necklaces, bracelets and made to length chains are solid 9ct gold. Made to length chains are available in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.
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Solid Gold and Silver Charms

Our charms are handmade in Australia from solid gold and sterling silver.
We have more than 4600 designs in our range available with a selection of findings.
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Silver Chains

Sterling Silver Chains

All of our necklaces, bracelets and made to length silver chains are solid 925 sterling silver.
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Solid gold and sterling silver lockets that open to hold treasured photos of loved ones.
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Choose from over 350 styles of earrings. From simple sleepers to diamond set huggies and studs, you’re sure to find a pair you’ll love.
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Solid gold and sterling silver pendants to dress up your necklace, we have initials, diamond solitaires and gem set designs.
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Men’s and women’s rings made to your size in solid gold and sterling silver. Choose from a simple silver or gold design or you may prefer one of our gem set rings.
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Solid silver and gold bangles from 41mm to 77mm in round, half round and twisted designs. There are also patterned and open bangles to choose from.
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Charm Bracelet Chains

Charm Bracelet Chains

The open links make these chains perfect for creating your own charm bracelet in solid sterling silver or 9ct solid gold. Add some charms and tell us how you would like them fitted.
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Precious Metal Jewellery

Fraser Ross has been trading since 2010 (originally as Chain Me Up®) and is 100% Australian owned. We support local businesses by sourcing 95% of our products from Australian manufacturers.

What makes us different?

Excellent Quality at Great Prices

As we have an online jewellery store rather than a retail shop, our overheads are lower and we pass these savings on to you. Buying a gold bracelet or silver necklace online from us, means you are getting excellent quality products at great prices, rather than buying cheap gold chains or cheap silver chains.

There is a world of difference between inexpensive and cheap jewellery.

Australian Made Jewellery

All of our solid gold charms and made to length gold and silver chains in our jewelry store are made in Australia, from locally mined (and recycled) materials and supporting Australian businesses that employ local workers. Buying Australian made goes well beyond just the chain and charm manufacturers. Directly and indirectly, thousands of people are involved from the time you place your order until you have it in your hand. Around 95% of our jewellery is made here in Australia and we fill out our range with overseas products where we can’t locate similar products made locally.

Bespoke (made to order) Jewellery

We are proud to be able to supply custom made jewellery to give you exactly what you want without compromise. Tailor making gold chains to your length, colour and pattern or creating a silver charm bracelet with your choice of charms arranged as you desire is what we do best. All of our chain prices are based on weight so there are no additional charges to have bespoke chain jewellery.

As any chain can be made to any length, with a range of fittings, we couldn’t possibly keep one of every possible option in stock, so we keep none. Orders are normally delivered within 14 to 28 days and this is the trade-off between having a massive choice and having it quickly.

NASA engineers have a great saying: “Better, faster, cheaper. – Pick two.”

Shop Online 24/7 from any device

Our responsive design web-store changes to suit the screen layout for your computer, your tablet and your mobile phone. So if you are shopping for Australian made solid gold and silver quality jewellery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth or Darwin or any regional city, town or outback property, we’ll be there for you 24/7 no matter how you connect.

Quick Summary

Yellow gold necklaces, rose gold bracelets and white gold anklets – choose your colour, length and clasp to create the ideal chain to suit you. All of our mens and womens made to any length gold chains are available in any colour.
Silver charms, yellow gold charms and rose gold charms are available for our full range of more than 4600 charms. Designs in our ‘HR’ range are also available as white gold charms. Charms can be fitted with jump rings, link locks, parrot clasps or earring hooks.

Lots of information is available from ‘INFO’ on the top menu, and we are always happy to take your calls (from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week)

Silver and Gold Chains made in Australia

There’s something special about the timeless beauty of solid gold chains. The simple elegance of a fine gold necklace makes it a glamorous accessory to accompany the most elegant evening wear and yet it would not look out of place when worn with a t-shirt.

Silver and gold chain bracelets and necklaces have been worn for hundreds of years with little fundamental change in design. A delicate gold necklace is the perfect way to show off an elegant pendant as it emphasises the stone and setting, without stealing the limelight. Remove the pendant and a quality gold chain necklace remains a piece of beauty that can be worn alone.

We have greatly reduced the prices on all of our jewellery in contrast to the retail jewellery shops. They often have huge price mark ups and then promote a half price sale (so you think you got a bargain). Compare prices at other jewellery stores and you will find our low cost range of gold and silver jewelry offers the best deals on great quality items.

Our real gold and silver jewellery is always low priced, but of great quality with a 5 year replacement warranty. Buying cheap often means accepting lower standards but getting a real bargain is finding great value on quality chains and charms that will last a lifetime.

Thick, chunky, gold chains for men, both necklaces and bracelets, are very masculine. When buying mens gold chains ensure they are not too fine in width. Although curb, belcher and figaro styles of chains are our best sellers, we also offer many other designs in silver and gold chains in our jewellery store online. Please contact us about availability of other types of chain we can supply.

Chain bracelets with a heart shaped padlock are a great way to show your love for that someone special to you. A simple plain heart padlock is quietly elegant or you may choose a classy filigree heart to enhance the bracelet. Women love the femininity of a fine gold chain. Our range of fancy styles are great choices for womens chain necklaces or bracelets.

Finishing gold necklace chains with a heart padlock worn at the front instead of the standard clasp at the rear is also very glamorous.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are an excellent way to carry mementos of those events and successes that have shaped your life. With more than 4600 handmade charms in both gold and silver to select from, we are sure to have some that will appeal to you in our online store. Belcher and long curb bracelet chains are ideally suited to displaying those charms. Sterling silver chains are a great alternative for those who prefer the exotic shine of silver necklace chains over gold or who are on a budget but still desire real jewellery. Why not create your own silver charm bracelet from our wide range of over 4500, sterling silver charms? Just select your chain and charms and we will assemble them for you.

Both the gold bracelet and necklace chains and the silver chains for sale in our store are all available made to your length requirements, a service to you that many other shops selling silver necklaces or bracelet chains online, or in retail stores in shopping centres are unable to provide. Mens gold chains are normally 55cm or longer. Gold chains for men, especially gold bracelets, should not be too thin, normally chain widths of 5mm or heavier are suitable.

Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to look our best in both gold and silver and often have a selection of both in various styles to suit their wardrobes. The rest of us are more suited to one, and most women will have a jewellery box in one hue. As all our chains and charms are available in both metals, you can have the best of both worlds.

Something that sets Fraser Ross apart from most stores is that all of our necklaces, bracelets and anklets are made to measure. If you would like a 68cm sterling silver necklace chain (or any other length) you only have to ask. A jewellery store will usually only have a limited, fixed range of options to offer you, or there will be a fee to have an alteration made.

When you purchase gold chains or silver chains online from our store, you are getting exceptional value on excellent quality products at a great prices, rather than cheap gold chains or cheap silver chains.

Inexpensive jewellery is very different from cheap jewellery. If you are looking for where to buy jewellery online, including silver and gold chains and charms in Australia, you have found us. Australian factories produce these chains and charms and employ local workers using the bullion supplied from Australian mines.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply exactly what you want, custom made. All our chain prices are based on the weight of precious metal in the piece, so there are no additional charges when choosing to have a tailor made men’s or women’s chain necklace or bracelet when you shop at Fraser Ross’ online jewellery store.

We couldn’t possibly hold stock of every style of necklace or bracelet of every imaginable length in stock, so there is a small wait (usually 14 to 28 days) between receiving your order and dispatching it to you.

We believe it’s a small price to pay for the beautiful products we sell that are made in Australia with Australian Bullion by Australian workers.

So, who sells gold and silver jewellery at reduced prices everyday? Fraser Ross of course, we only sell excellent quality solid 9ct gold chains and solid 925 silver chains at exceptional prices, everyday.

Chain Lengths

In our store you can select from the following chain lengths:

18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm, 22cm, 23cm, 24cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm, 30cm, 31cm, 32cm, 33cm, 34cm or 35cm for bracelets and anklets.

The 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm, 100cm lengths are for necklaces.

Gold chains for men are normally 55cm or longer for a mens gold necklace and 21cm or longer for a mens gold bracelet. Please consult our size guide for more information.

If you require a length we do not have as standard then please contact us. We are happy to supply any chain at the length you require with the clasp of your choice.

Fraser Ross will also supply chain to boutique jewellers who require them for their charms and pendants at wholesale prices. We currently supply a number of jewellers who have previously sourced chains from China and Thailand and found they were constantly breaking and having to be replaced.

Thank you for visiting our store.